The complete suite of Cornerstone solutions for small to medium businesses.

Cornerstone has created solutions expressly designed to help small to mid-size organizations develop and retain an engaged and productive workforce. Whether you need to automate a manual, ad hoc approach for employee development or require more sophisticated talent management solutions, Cornerstone delivers a suite of performance and learning management solutions that range from simple and intuitive to robust and integrated performance, learning and recruiting solutions.

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We understand the HR frustrations of dealing with paper or spreadsheet-based systems to manage employees. PiiQ offers a suite of smart, simple-to-use products to help your company reach new levels of productivity. All with a sleek, app-like interface — to sync with how millennials and today’s workers like to interact with information.

Proven ROI
Great value
Easy to implement

Cornerstone OnDemand lets you expertly handle talent management on a single platform. It works with your entire HR needs and integrates and grows with you. It’s all powered by a sleek, app-like interface —which is exactly how millennials and today’s workers like to consume and manage information.

Robust capabilities
For large teams (above 100)
Enhanced services and support

Build high-performance sales and service teams. Engage and empower your customers and partners with just-in-time training. The newly redesigned Cornerstone for Salesforce application reinvents the way organizations deliver information and learning management software (LMS) to accelerate productivity. It’s built natively on the platform.

Enhances Salesforce
Easy to implement
For large teams (above 100)
Just-in-time learning

“Having an LMS allowed us to complete annual compliance training and address skills gaps by assigning relevant training.”