“I wanted to streamline, simplify, and get back to the principles of development and growth."

Suzi Paese, HR Manager



New Zealand

Business Services

Paese and her team searched for a more streamlined, cost-effective way to manage performance. The challenge lay in finding a powerful solution that was still suitable for a smaller organisation like TAS. “We needed something that suited our size now, but also one that could grow with us later. It also had to be a user friendly application.”

TAS selected PiiQ by Cornerstone for several key reasons. “PiiQ had incredible customer service. Other vendors weren’t responsive and didn’t offer the same level of care and enthusiasm that PiiQ did,” said Paese. “PiiQ’s team is so good at communicating. For me, that’s a no brainer. Communication isn’t just important for implementation—it’s critical for moving forward.”

PiiQ’s commitment to continuous improvement was also a deciding factor. “There are a lot of vendors who think they have the best product out there, but they aren’t listening to their customers. At TAS, we know technology is changing quickly and we’re focused on agility. We wanted a partner, like PiiQ, who shared that philosophy.”

The Results

Increased visibility.

TAS’s existing paper-based review process offered little real-time visibility. “Before PiiQ, I had a folder on an HR drive where everybody sent me their reviews,” said Paese. “Today, I have a tremendous amount of visibility from an administrator’s point of view. With PiiQ, I can problem solve, help managers and produce reports in minutes. It’s so easy to use, and it takes no time at all.” PiiQ’s 9-box talent matrix has both increased visibility and saved Paese time. “I love the 9-box. The ability to see the entire organization, or whole teams and access individual reviews helps us with the moderation process.”

Improved accuracy in performance reviews.

Employee reviews were highly subjective. “We were using ‘yes or no’ or subjective type ratings. We wanted to get away from that,” said Paese. “PiiQ’s rating sliders and the ability to write specific goals and KPRs has helped people be more objective in the review process and make direct links with our strategic goals.”

Increased accountability and gaining 100% engagement.

Eliminating the paper-based system has increased employee and manager review completion. “It’s so important to move away from paper. A piece of paper can get lost or someone can forget to fill it out,” said Paese. “With PiiQ, all those things become non-issues. Forms don’t get lost. You have transparency, visibility, and you have a record of performance. We now have 100% engagement with reviews. PiiQ has made my life so much easier.”

Enabled anytime, anywhere access with mobile capabilities.

Prior to PiiQ, performance management tasks took place onsite. Today, Paese and her team can work from anywhere. “I love that PiiQ can be used on any device, from any location. When I did my end-of-year reviews with my staff, we went offsite to a café to have the discussion, make comments and save changes.”

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