"On the retail side, employees are more engaged and better trained. We’ve had a 50% decrease in our turnover rate."

Sandy Ziegler, AVP, director, training, education & development



United States

Financial Services/Banking

Penn Community Bank wanted to reduce manual work, unify learning and performance, and enable easy access to data and analytics. “We have a very forward-thinking CEO and executive team who was on board to use an LMS,” said Sandy Ziegler, AVP, director, training, education & development, at Penn Community Bank. “I had used Cornerstone Learning in a previous job. I loved that it was a full fleet of products that work together and I knew it was configurable and easy to use.”

Motivated to improve efficiencies and streamline processes, Ziegler also received leadership buy-in for Cornerstone Performance, which would enable them to move from paper-based to online, automated reviews with robust reporting and analytics.

Opting for a slow rollout, Ziegler and Jefferson created webinars, teaser emails, and interactive opportunities—including a scavenger hunt—to nurture buy-in. Their creative, measured approach was so successful that 99% of employees were using Cornerstone within three months. “We had a really good experience with implementation, and we felt Cornerstone set us up for success,” said Ziegler.

The Results

Unified learning and performance.

Cornerstone enabled the team to unify learning and performance, crucial to keeping employees both engaged and upskilled. “Managers assign courses to their teams, choosing from instructor-led sessions; in-house, e-learning content; and courses from CyberU,” said Jefferson. “Tying Observation Checklists and the 30-60-90-day reviews into our learning portal made a tremendous impact.”

Reduced turnover by 50%.

Using Observation Checklists has increased employee engagement and reduced turnover. “On the retail side, employees are more engaged and better trained, and we can recognize problems, skill gaps, or individual training needs quickly,” said Ziegler. “We’ve had a 50% decrease in our turnover rate in one year.”

Made goals more transparent, meaningful, and accessible.

Previously, employee goals were set once a year—and forgotten until the next review period. “Employees love the ability to type their goals into a system, align them to organizational objectives, and then update them throughout the year,” said Jefferson. “Being able to adjust our goals any time is key to adapting to market changes.”

Enabled continuous learning and reduced manual work.

The team added content from CyberU, Cornerstone’s premier content provider. “Cornerstone dropped 1,200 courses right into our portal, and continues to add new, quality training each quarter,” said Jefferson. Employees now have a slew of online, easily accessible learning opportunities.

Increased accountability with new hires.

“We’re constantly hearing from new hires ‘I wasn’t trained on that,’” said Ziegler. “But with Observation Checklists, we have a record of training. This helps managers to observe and record employee skills and competencies in real-time, on the job.”

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