"PiiQ is visually impressive, but it’s also very simple to use."

Rastislav Duriš, HR Partner





In the search for a new solution, the HR team did extensive research. “There are a lot of applications out there, so we were very thorough,” said Duriš. “I had heard of Cornerstone and knew they were a leader in the market, but I thought the enterprise edition was the only option. Then we were introduced to PiiQ.”

Designed for smaller companies that still need powerful performance management and learning tools, Towercom selected PiiQ by Cornerstone for several key reasons. “With PiiQ, we can log in and use it from anywhere. PiiQ is visually impressive, but it’s also very simple to use. And it allows us to customize certain features, such as putting our goals or competencies in Slovak."

To facilitate user buy-in, a dozen Towercom managers and a handful of employees were invited to participate in a PiiQ pilot phase. “We knew that if we wanted people to be involved, we would have to involve them,” said Duriš. “During the pilot project, we helped managers understand why we were re-building the performance review process. They quickly realized that PiiQ wasn’t just going to give them more useable data. It was also going to streamline and simplify the entire process.”

Post-implementation, the HR team continues to have positive experiences with PiiQ—and with Cornerstone’s customer support. “What I like is that the support team provides professional answers and really knows the system,” said Duriš. “What I like even more is that they’re open to suggestions. I see new features being implemented in PiiQ based on my feedback.”

The Results

Increased use and completion of goals.

Previously, Towercom’s Excel-based system didn’t enable goal management. Today, with PiiQ, employees and managers are setting and tracking personalized goals to create accountability and regulate performance standards. “PiiQ makes people think more about their goals, and how to achieve them,” said Duriš. “Managers are also beginning to understand how goals make performance measurable.”

Enabled a data-driven performance management strategy.

For Towercom, the ability to track employee performance and behavior is crucial to engagement and retention. “With PiiQ, we have all our data in one place,” said Duriš. “We can build on it. We can identify and reward our high performers, as well as identify those who might need more help.” To that end, the company will soon begin using PiiQ’s learning management software to address skills gaps and drive performance improvement through development. “We have hard data on performance. Next, we’re really looking forward to making more informed decisions about learning and development with PiiQ Learning.”

Increased fairness and transparency.

Previously, almost all Towercom employees received bonuses, a less-than-fair situation that didn’t align with the company’s pay-for-performance culture. Today, employees know that pay and bonuses are based on performance data, not guesswork—a crucial factor in Towercom’s ability to retain and motivate top talent. “We did a survey during the final quarter of our pilot phase that asked employees how they liked using PiiQ, as well as how fair they thought the system was,” said Duriš. “Ninety-two percent of respondents found PiiQ pleasant or very pleasant, and the same percentage—92%—thought it was fair or very fair in how their performance was tracked and reported.”

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