Support Continuous Feedback with Check-ins

Boost retention, engagement, and revenue

Instead of a single evaluation, companies are switching to a culture of continuous performance management with frequent, recorded check-ins.

What are Check-ins?
Check-ins are an ongoing, one-on-one conversation between managers and employees about work progress, goals, performance to date, and plan of action going forward, held at regular intervals throughout the year.

Check-ins create employees who are:

  • 6.0 times more likely to strongly agree that they are receiving meaningful feedback
  • 3.6 times more likely to strongly agree that they are motivated to do outstanding work
  • 3.0 times more likely to be engaged at work

Encourage Employee Development

PiiQ Performance supports continual collaboration between managers and employees, enabling managers to acknowledge achievements and course correct any time. PiiQ’s Check-ins feature will help you ensure that employees are supported throughout the year.

  • Collect feedback or tag notes as evidence to use in performance reviews
  • Empower employees or managers to initiate check-ins
  • Trigger an email to start a discussion on any topic
  • Foster a culture of ongoing dialog and development

More Meaningful Performance Reviews

Documented feedback and data collected from semi-formal check-ins provide a more accurate and meaningful reflection of the previous year’s accomplishments and opportunities for improvement.

  • Ensure there are no surprises to either manager or employee
  • Help hold low performers accountable and develop a plan of action for course correction
  • Reward high performers and create a career path - keep your top performers

Check-ins will empower you

Employees want to perform well, but they also want to improve, grow, and develop. PiiQ Performance Check-ins feature can help your company support your employees.

  • Both manager & employee can influence project direction
  • Identify obstacles before they become a problem and develop a plan of action
  • Check-ins build a stronger relationship between employee and manager and
    increase the quality of conversations
  • Demonstrate the value your company places on its employees
  • Capture comments, feedback and notes

How to do a performance check-in

Check-ins provide an opportunity to collect data more frequently, with a more formal format than an unstructured conversation, but without the rating and pressure of a full performance review. There are two categories for a check-in:

  1. Performance check-in – focused on projects, goals, and accomplishments
  2. Development check-in – focused on development, skill gaps and personal career goals

Check-ins should be empowering and collaborative for both manager and employee. Initiating a check-in conversation should be open to either party; however, a supportive tool like PiiQ can help facilitate the conversation.

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