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The cost of lost time spent on traditional performance evaluations is estimated to range from $2.4 to $35 million per year

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Included with the trial is full access to all of PiiQ's features for unlimited users. You can also decide between using our pre-populated demo data or using your company's data. And best of all, all of your data will be ready and waiting when you decide to purchase.

PiiQ Learning

Drive employee development with a searchable library of courses available from any device. Employees can self-register for courses or be assigned learning from a manager. Access a wide variety of professional training and compliance courses ranging from technical to soft skills.

PiiQ Performance

Build a culture of continuous feedback and improve performance review ROI with PiiQ Performance. Collaborative goal setting tools, 360 reviews, simple reporting and metrics, and a 9-box talent matrix are a few of the features that come together to make a holistic performance management solution.

Reporting & Analytics

Get simple reporting with completion tracking provide a bird's eye view of each employee and your business. Start making strategic decisions with performance data and better develop your employees. Identify skill gaps and assign learning to create a multi-directional and engaged workforce. Intuitive, task-based dashboards are easy to use for each user role.

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