Learning + Performance Suite

Deliver training and ensure compliance
Simplify reviews, make smarter decisions
Configuration, adoption, and support for PiiQ
Learning + Performance + Recruiting Suite

Configurable, personalized learning management
Define Goals & Provide Continuous Feedback
Find qualified talent and streamline onboarding
Personalized training, support, & optimization
External Training

Effectively train clients, partners, & supply chain members
Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
Make operational & compliance improvements
Manage risk, reduce costs, & increase competitive advantage
Improving program effectiveness & improving communities
Developing employees for innovative growth
Enable employees & improve customer experience
Improving patient care and increasing efficiencies
Teach employees to cultivate loyal customers
Educate, certify, and connect individuals across organizations
Cornerstone provides a robust learning management system to support financial institutions, including credit unions.
Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
"Employees are more engaged and better trained. We've had a 50% decrease in our turnover rate."
- Penn Community Bank
"As we expand our business and add team members, we know that Cornerstone can grow with us."
- Assurance
"Our candidate submissions have more than doubled. I attribute that to Cornerstone’s ease of use for candidates and the social recruiting functionality."
- AutomationDirect
Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
From simple to robust, find the talent solution to meet the unique needs of growing businesses
A world leader in talent management solutions
A story of tenure, commitment and vision
Behind the scenes visionaries
Strengthening nonprofit organizations around the world
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Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
Real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
White papers, infographics, articles for SMBs
Vocabulary & terminology of HR and talent software
Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products

Attract, develop & engage employees for a more productive workforce

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The market leader in talent management


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This has really simplified our review process. Our employees love it.
Rich Stauffer

Drive higher employee engagement and productivity

PiiQ is the easy-to-use performance and learning solution for small & medium businesses. Automate performance reviews, develop employees & gain insights into your business. Quickly displace your paper-based processes and get up and running in no time.


Inspire great work, motivate employees and gain tangible results.


Empower your employees to develop & learn


One, powerful learning management system to deliver meaningful, targeted education to engage workers from a intuitive, sleek interface built for the modern workforce.


Managers have a smart tool to benchmark employee performance while aligning employee activities with company-wide strategies. All while providing continuous, insightful feedback.


Elevate your hiring process. Hire the right talent faster using modern social recruiting tools, configurable career sites and a smooth candidate experience.

One unified cloud platform to recruit, train, and manage people

Take control of every aspect of talent management across the employee lifecycle. Inspire great work and motivate employees with one easy-to-use platform.

Every organization is different in how they recruit. The recruiting solution adapts to us.
Grey Churchman, Talent Sage
New Belgium Brewery

Industry leaders trust Cornerstone to help people realize their potential

"Cornerstone can do just about anything. I like to say I’m not in the food industry, I’m in the L&D industry."


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From California to New Zealand, and everywhere in between, companies count on Cornerstone to help employees realize their potential. Let us show you how.

Cornerstone Performance

Motivate employees and inspire productivity. Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire great work, motivate employees, and deliver results. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations finally have the performance management technology that enables managers to benchmark employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy while still providing continuous, meaningful feedback.

Foster Continuous Development
Drive Business Alignment
Accurately Track Skills & Competencies
Increase Employee Engagement

Cornerstone Learning

Reinvent learning and development to realize the potential of your employees by creating a culture of continuous learning. With Cornerstone Learning, go beyond delivering training and compliance to developing an engaged, collaborative and skilled workforce.

Improve Training Development & Delivery
Increase Employee Engagement
Accelerate Employee Performance
Full Integration with the Cornerstone Suite

Cornerstone Recruiting

With the intense pressure to identify, hire and onboard top talent, it’s time to rethink recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting addresses all your talent acquisition needs to strengthen your candidate experience while efficiently managing the entire process and shorten new hire time to productivity.

Hire Faster, Work Smarter
Search For & Find Quality Candidates
A Memorable Candidate Experience
Unified with the Cornerstone Suite

PiiQ Performance

At the speed of business, organizations risk disengaging and potentially losing their top performers without a performance management system. With PiiQ Performance by Cornerstone, take performance reviews from manual and ad hoc, to automated and continuous — developing your employees so they can reach their full potential.

Realize the Potential of Your Employees
Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions
Set Up and Use Quickly
Complete Employee Performance Reviews

PiiQ Learning

Learning is a vital component of driving productivity, performance, retention and attracting high-quality candidates for any organization. Employees today demand learning — on any device, anytime, anywhere — especially millennials, who expect much more than just showing up for work. Learning goes beyond compliance. It’s about discovery and self-improvement, career progression, and investing in their futures.

Empower employees to meet their personal learning goals
Close skills gaps and meet compliance requirements
Attract and retain world-class employees

Cornerstone for Salesforce

Build high-performance sales and service teams. Engage and empower your customers and partners with just-in-time training. Welcome to the newly redesigned Cornerstone for Salesforce application. It reinvents the way organizations deliver information and learning management software (LMS) to accelerate productivity. Built natively on the platform, Cornerstone for Salesforce leverages your Salesforce investment to support more effective learning across your organization.

Benchmark & Measure Performance
Just-in-time Training for Employees, Customers, and Partners
Accelerate Productivity

PiiQ Performance

Leave the dreaded performance management processes behind. With PiiQ Performance you’ll inspire great work, motivate employees and gain tangible results. Its easy-to-use technology enables you to benchmark employee performance while aligning employee activities with your company’s goals - all while providing continuous feedback.

PiiQ Learning

Drive your business growth to the next level with PiiQ’s dynamic, integrated, flexible solution that ignites the potential of the new Gen-X and Millennial workforce. With PiiQ Learning, you can deliver employee compliance training, accelerate employee performance, foster social learning, and support organizational goals.

Cornerstone Performance

Inspire passion, productivity, and performance with Cornerstone Performance. Performance management is unified with learning, compensation and succession in one system. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations can deliver ongoing feedback, align employee goals with organizational strategy, address skill and competency gaps and use performance data to inform development, merit initiatives and leadership planning.

Cornerstone Learning

Engage employees and improve performance with development opportunities. With Cornerstone Learning, organizations can easily deliver, track, and report on multiple learning opportunities — video, Instructor Led Training (ITL), virtual sessions -- all while seamlessly unifying development with performance, compensation and succession. Training, performance, and merit data is available on one platform — making it easier to identify and successfully develop top talent.

Cornerstone Recruiting

Improve the talent acquisition process with efficient recruiting. Cornerstone Recruiting helps organizations find the best candidates in less time with social sourcing, collaborative hiring capabilities, applicant management and employee referrals without having to switch between systems. Plus, data from Recruiting can be accessed in other talent management tools such as Onboarding, Learning, Performance, and more.

“Cornerstone helps ensure that the level of professionalism, talent and experience will remain hallmarks of our organization.”


"We really needed a system that could keep up with our sheer velocity in volunteer processing, orientation and engagement."


"Cornerstone for Salesforce enables us to reproduce our standard of training in a very efficient way."


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