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Deliver training and ensure compliance
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Configurable, personalized learning management
Define Goals & Provide Continuous Feedback
Find qualified talent and streamline onboarding
Personalized training, support, & optimization
External Training

Effectively train clients, partners, & supply chain members
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Enable employees & improve customer experience
Improving patient care and increasing efficiencies
Teach employees to cultivate loyal customers
Educate, certify, and connect individuals across organizations
Cornerstone provides a robust learning management system to support financial institutions, including credit unions.
Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
"Employees are more engaged and better trained. We've had a 50% decrease in our turnover rate."
- Penn Community Bank
"As we expand our business and add team members, we know that Cornerstone can grow with us."
- Assurance
"Our candidate submissions have more than doubled. I attribute that to Cornerstone’s ease of use for candidates and the social recruiting functionality."
- AutomationDirect
Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
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Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products
Real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
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Insight-driven eLearning content subscriptions
Get real-life stories of success from Cornerstone clients
Get an overview of pricing and features for PiiQ & Cornerstone products


Inspire greatness, motivate employees, and deliver results. Drive engagement through continuous performance management with intuitive goal & competency management tools.

Performance management is unified with Learning, Compensation and Succession in one system. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations can deliver ongoing feedback, align employee goals with organizational strategy, address skill and competency gaps and use performance data to inform development, merit initiatives and leadership planning.


Foster a Culture of Continuous Development

Motivate employees and inspire productivity. Move beyond painful performance management processes and rethink the way you inspire great work, motivate employees, and deliver results. With Cornerstone Performance, organizations finally have the performance management technology that enables managers to benchmark employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy while still providing continuous, meaningful feedback.

Performance Reviews & Goals

Foster a more agile, aligned, and productive workforce and gain insight into employee performance. Empower employees to set meaningful goals aligned to business goals and easily track progress and achievement of those goals.

Competencies & Skills Matrix

Maximize the potential of your organization by providing managers the tools to identify and close skill gaps, match the right talent to roles, and align talent to the business.

Continuous Feedback

Nurture a culture of continuous development and coaching by driving more structured conversations between employees and managers about goals and performance. Easily provide timely feedback— allowing you to coach in the right areas.

Observation Checklist

Easily observe, record, and assess skills in the field in real-time to determine employee competency. Automate both recording and reporting—saving time, reducing workload, and eliminating paper-based evaluation methods.

Performance Benefits

Foster Continuous Development

Easily facilitate ongoing coaching and feedback throughout the organization to drive a culture of continuous development. Provide regular and timely feedback the modern workforce craves—allowing you to quickly identify and respond to potential problems, nurture development, and productively achieve goals.

Drive Business Alignment
and Track Goals

Provide the goal-setting tools your employees need to ensure they have clear, measurable, and meaningful goals that align to the overall business strategy. Easily track goal progress and identify when goals are off track or need to be adapted to changing business initiatives.

Accurately Track Skills & Competencies

From one intuitive application, easily identify employee competencies and skill gaps within your organization using 180- and 360-degree feedback. Cornerstone Performance provides the most comprehensive employee data in view for managers and their employees.

Increase Employee Engagement

Continuous career development is fundamental to engaging employees today. Create development plans to cultivate talent and develop skills—helping employees prepare to achieve future business goals. Inspire and motivate employees by providing transparency into how they contribute to the overall business goals, ultimately driving engagement.


Develop Your Talent Pipeline for the Future

With an aging workforce, growing shortage of skilled talent, and increasing career mobility, succession planning has become critical to organizational success. Cornerstone Succession allows organizations to create succession plans that benchmark skills and competencies, identify skill gaps, and implement development plans to bridge those gaps.

Succession Planner & Talent Pools

Track mission-critical skills, roles, and competencies and assemble high-potential employees, resulting in a pool of talented resources which can be drawn upon, as needed.

9-box Grid

Visualize the performance and potential information for the entire organization to clearly identify your team's capabilities and development needs.

Career Center

Provide career planning and management tools to boost employee retention and help the organization align employees with the best-fit roles.

Internal Recruiting

Systematically consider both internal and external candidates based on leadership qualities, defined attributes and employee career preferences. Reduce recruiting and training costs.

Succession Benefits

Know and Develop Your Talent

Gain valuable insights into employee experience, expertise, performance, and career goals. Identify skills gaps and ensure your organization has strong bench strength with the right skills, experiences, and competencies by putting development plans in place for potential future successors to address these gaps. Recognize high potential employees throughout the whole organization and position them for leadership success.

Build a Robust Talent Pipeline

Proactively address workforce planning issues and ensure business continuity by building pools of high-performing and high-potential individuals who will be ready to take on new roles if a vacancy occurs. Develop multiple succession scenarios for any position within the organization and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

Boost Employee Engagement

Empower employees to take a more active role in their career development by providing them with tools to share career preferences and discover development opportunities. Develop career paths that are aligned with organizational needs to increase transparency around career advancement opportunities and allow employees to chart their career progression to increase engagement.

Ensure Organizational Alignment and Continuity

Measure the skills and competencies of your organization and align your workforce with critical business needs to prepare for organizational growth and maintain your competitive edge. Gain quick visibility into key indicators such as impact of loss, retention risk, and risk of loss – enabling you to address potential talent gaps and unexpected loss before they occur.


Manage Compensation with Ease and Precision

Forget manual processes and cumbersome, error-prone spreadsheets. It's time to automate compensation planning to simplify processes, reduce paperwork, and provide one central place for tasks and approvals - saving time and administrative costs. Cornerstone Compensation helps you get your compensation strategy right by making it easier to optimize your budgets to attract and retain top talent.

Compensation Planning

Manage a wide range of compensation programs including salary, merit increases, market adjustments, lump sum payments, and other discretionary pay components.

Incentive Management

Develop and implement incentive management programs for the distribution of bonus and equity with tools that improve accuracy, boost consistency, and ensure compliance.

Customized Compensation Statements

Create organization-branded compensation statements that provide employees with information on the total value of their compensation package in one comprehensive view.

Budgeting & Reporting

Increase transparency and visibility for managers with reports and dashboards that show approval workflows, budget summaries and scenarios, and analytics tools.

Compensation Benefits

Make Better Compensation Decisions

Gain greater transparency and insight into rewards and performance to conduct a total compensation analysis. With critical employee performance and market data, managers have the ability to make more informed decisions about the allocation of base pay, bonus, and equity awards.

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Combine organizational, performance, and market data to help you define clear guidelines for building competitive compensation plans. Easily balance market rates with costs and directly link compensation to employee performance to effectively allocate compensation budgets to attract and retain top performers and avoid overpaying under-performers.

Easily Manage Global Compensation

Manage comprehensive, secure and accurate global compensation strategies simply and effectively. Build effective global processes and controls and customize compensation plan options based on regional languages, currencies, and other localization needs.

Gain Flexible, Configurable Functionality

Highly flexible, role-based administration gives you the freedom and flexibility to design and implement compensation task workflows that meets your needs and integrates with your performance management and compensation plans. Easily configure budgets, salary bands, adjustment guidelines, and compensation templates that match your specific compensation strategy.

“Cornerstone helps ensure that the level of professionalism, talent and experience will remain hallmarks of our organization.”




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