Go beyond measuring employee performance to developing your workforce.

At the speed of business, organizations risk disengaging and potentially losing their top performers without a performance management system. With PiiQ Performance by Cornerstone, take performance reviews from manual and ad hoc, to automated and continuous — developing your employees so they can reach their full potential.

Collaborative, Continuous Goal Setting

Employees and managers collaborate to create and update goals throughout the year — aligning goals to business objectives, evaluating employee performance, and identifying opportunities for development. Employees can even be given the ability set their own goals which managers can then approve.


Check-ins empower employees and managers to initiate conversations on various topics from performance goals to career aspirations and more. Ongoing check-ins are a key pillar of modern performance practices, allowing employees to be continuously engaged, directed and supported at all times.

360 Feedback

Managers can solicit feedback from colleagues for a comprehensive and more accurate view of an employee’s performance, made available right in the Employee Profile.

Intuitive & Efficient

Efficiency and productivity are built in. A highly engaging interface for administrators, employees and managers makes it easy to complete tasks such as enter new employees, respond to review requests, collaborate on goals, and set up automated reminders, making reviews easy and consistent.

Reporting & Insights

Make strategic decisions using reports on completion tracking, people and scores, goal and competency scores, and goal details. Easy to use reports and 9-box talent matrix provide a holistic team performance view. Use PiiQ’s actionable insights to develop employees and reward top performers.

Self-configuration based on your needs

Self-configure with in-product help and tips to align with your business processes and quickly get to automated performance reviews. Follow easy steps and leverage built-in templates to quickly set up your performance review process and start scheduling reviews.

Performance Benefits

Realize the Potential of Your Employees

Coach managers to develop your biggest asset — your employees — with customized coaching notes delivered in-product.

Make Smarter, Data-Driven Decisions

Comprehensive, well-designed dashboards, reports and graphs illuminate hidden training needs, skill gaps, top performers and struggling team members, so you can make smarter business decisions.

Set Up
and Use Quickly

PiiQ’s design is simple and engaging, allowing your admins to configure the solution very quickly—say goodbye to costly implementations. Plus, your employees will love how quick and easy it is to complete and submit reviews with our intuitive design!

Complete Employee Performance Reviews

Encourage performance review completion with simple, visual reviews that you can access on-the-go with your tablet or smart phone or on your computer. Evaluate your entire team’s performance at once: quickly identify training needs, star performers and costly employees.



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“This has really simplified our review process. Our employees love it. During the review, I take notes and I am able to flip between the old reviews to reference their progress."